The Green Schools Trust

Expanding Hearts and Minds
"Jubilate Deo servite
cum laetitia"

Rejoice in the Lord and serve with gladness

Christian Ethos

Green School Trust schools are Church of England schools, and the Christian character of the Trust permeates its schools.

Trust schools are founded on the principles of the Christian faith and Christian values  inform the endeavours of each Trust school.

Green School Trust schools are inclusive, for those of different denominations within the Christian faith, for those of other world faiths and for those of no faith. All students and staff are valued as individuals and for what they contribute to our learning community.

Care is taken to make sure that the curriculum and other aspects of school life are appropriate and relevant to students from all faith backgrounds and none. The promotion of British values is strengthened by the explicit acknowledgement of the Judaic-Christian principles which underlie western democracies. The curriculum is designed for a multi-cultural context, teaching Christian and British values.

As with many Church of England schools across London, parents and carers from many different faith backgrounds often actively choose Church of England schools for their children because religious belief is taken seriously; because there are opportunities for spiritual development alongside academic, emotional, social and physical development; and because the moral framework and Judaic-Christian values that inform western democracies also underpin Church of England Schools.


There is great emphasis placed on equality, integrity, tolerance, justice and honesty.

Each school follows a Code of Conduct, which underpins the values of the Trust and the way students and adults behave towards others. There is great emphasis placed  on equality, integrity, tolerance, justice and honesty, applied so as to help students to acquire an appreciation of and respect for their own and other cultures in a way that promotes tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions. There is recognition that the values underpinning the Code of Conduct foster a sense of community, with common and inclusive values which ensure that everyone, irrespective of ethnic origin, nationality, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and religious or non-religious beliefs, can flourish.