The Green Schools Trust

Expanding Hearts and Minds
"Jubilate Deo servite
cum laetitia"

Rejoice in the Lord and serve with gladness

Strategic Aims

  • To deliver a comprehensive, enjoyable and enriching educational experience viewed as excellent by staff, students, parents/carers, stakeholders and the wider community which promotes equality of opportunity and the flourishing of all.
  • To promote an environment within Trust schools that is based on Christian values and reflects respect for those of all faiths and of none and where each student is cared for according to their needs.
  • To provide an exciting and stimulating Sixth Form experience which prepares students for a successful future.
  • To ensure its schools work within budgeted allocations and continuously seek to improve value for money.
  • To explore opportunities to establish further schools in the light of demand, while maintaining the ethos of the Trust.